Baked Salmon with Spaghetti in Brown Butter Lemon Cream Sauce

– Either bake or pan fry leftover salmon pieces to heat them up. Avoid the microwave if you can. You don’t need any oil, the fat from the fish will melt into the pan and help it crisp up!

– Melt 1 tbsp salted butter in a nonstick pan on low-medium heat until it starts to brown.
– Add in red chili flakes to taste.
– Stir while gradually adding a few tbsps of flour into the pan. It will start to clump and thicken.
– Thin the sauce out with pasta water or milk.
– Add the juice of half a lemon.

– Toss spaghetti or whichever other pasta you prefer in the cream sauce.
– Twist the pasta into a nest in a bowl.
– Place the warmed-up salmon pieces on top.
– Garnish with freshly torn Italian parsley and extra lemon wedges.

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