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Adjarian khachapuri in Batumi

Adjarian khachapuri in Batumi

Adjarian khachapuri in Batumi

Recipe by CookingIsLifestyleCourse: Breakfast Recipes, Snacks


Prep time


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  • Wheat flour 550 g

  • Milk 3,2% 400 ml

  • Butter 45 g

  • Dry yeast 5 g

  • Sugar 10 g

  • Vegetable oil 7 ml

  • Coarse salt 11 g

  • Suluguni cheese 510 g

  • Imeretian cheese 170 g

  • Eggs 6 pieces


  • Sift flour (530 g) in a deep bowl, add yeast, salt, sugar, room temperature milk, vegetable oil and 20 grams of softened butter. All mix thoroughly until smooth, if necessary, pour a little water (about 50 ml). Cover the bowl with dough, leave for thirty to forty minutes. Divide the dough into five servings – they should be used immediately or sent to the refrigerator.
  • To make the filling, you need to grate the whole cheese coarsely, mix it with the egg and add 20 grams of butter – if the cheese is greasy, you can do without the butter: the filling should be fairly loose.
  • Roll out the five servings of dough with a rolling pin so that you get quite large ovals 5 mm thick. Along the perimeter, make punctures with a toothpick or wooden skewer to release air.
  • Put 150 grams of cheese filling (portions of Imeretinsky cheese, suluguni and one egg) into portions of rolled dough, connect the edges of the dough and pinch it – they should resemble boats in the form of khachapuri.
  • In the middle of each cake, gently stretch the dough with your hands, make an incision about 4 cm long and tuck the edges of the dough inside the khachapuri so that the filling is visible.
  • Once again pierce the cakes around the perimeter, arrange them into dry baking tins and put them in an oven preheated to the maximum temperature for fifteen minutes.
  • 4-5 minutes before readiness, you need to get the dish out of the oven, put the egg and send “reach” again.
  • Before serving, carefully place two small pieces of butter on the egg middle pies.