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Three reasons why you don’t have to cook too much for a festive table

Three reasons why you don’t have to cook too much for a festive table
We have always liked to eat properly, especially on holidays, when every mistress tries to delight her relatives and guests. Is it obligatory to be overwhelmed by the festive table? Do you really want to bring up nine dishes at Christmas? Nutrition Specialist Yevgeny Jansone, offers three reasons to spend a lot of time, money, and strength on a festive table.

Provoking overeating

Excessive amounts of food can cause overeating. “Many of us have such a pattern of behavior – when there is a lot of tasty food in the refrigerator, the hand itself stretches over the snails. if there is a lot of such celebration in our lives, it will increase the risk of overweight and obesity) is not at all pleasant, “says Eugene Jansone, nutritionist.

Meaningless spending of resources and damage to the environment

We are especially generous during the festivities and must be wary of it. “When buying products for a festive table, it’s worth to go to the store with the necessary list of products to avoid spontaneous purchases,” recommends Jansone. Sometimes we spent money on buying products “for every occasion” and very often they are not used and thrown out – which is unfavorable not only to the wallet, but also to the environment that we have to take care of today.

Fast product deterioration

The most popular holiday dishes, which mostly consist of eggs, fish and meat, have a very short shelf life, which means that they will not be as fresh and safe for use the next day. Nutritionist says: “Microorganisms also taste rasol and they are happy to grow in products, especially those that are not properly stored. Long conversations at the festive table are also one of our favorite traditions, but the long-term presence of food at room temperature leads to shortening the shelf life of food. . What to do? Before you go to the store, carefully plan the menu by counting the number of guests to the particular number of guests! The prepared salad is stored in the cold and without sauce – it is added only before serving! First of all, eat fresh fish and fish products, salads and snacks consisting of several ingredients! If you are left over, for example, a roast, which you know will not eat in the near future, you can freeze it by extending its shelf-life for a few weeks and allowing it to be used in some other food, such as adding soups or stews.