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Courgette and Halloumi burgers

Courgette and Halloumi burgers

Courgette and Halloumi burgers

Recipe by CookingIsLifestyleCourse: Vegetarian Recipes


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  • 1 large courgette

  • 1 med-large carrot

  • 1 block halloumi (the pack I used was 225g)

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 cup of breadcrumbs or flour

  • Handful fresh mint

  • Handful fresh coriander

  • Handful fresh basil

  • Pink salt and pepper


  • Grate courgette, and peel the carrot and grate it. Put them together in a big sieve and sprinkle with salt. Leave that to draw the water out whilst you do the rest.
  • Grate the halloumi, chop up the fresh herbs, and whisk the 2 eggs together.
  • You need to get as much liquid out of the courgette and carrot as possible! I just used my hands and squeezed the excess water out, you can use a kitchen towel to press against it if you want.
  • Then literally mix all the ingredients together, stir in your flour/breadcrumbs. You can add any other flavorings your fancy!
  • Leave the patties in the fridge (uncovered) for at least 30 mins before you cook them (it’ll draw out a bit more of the water out and firm them up ready for frying I pan fried them in some olive oil for around 10 mins. Serve with whatever you fancy!