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Burrito with grilled vegetables and pesto

Burrito with grilled vegetables and pesto


  • Tortilla 4 pieces
  • Alfalfa sprouts 40 g
  • Tomatoes 100 g
  • Red onion 20 g
  • Cucumbers 100 g
  • Sweet pepper 1 piece
  • Zucchini 200 g
  • Sweet Potato 150 g
  • Sesame 3 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 10 ml
  • Olive oil 1 tablespoon
  • A mixture of lettuce leaves 100 g
  • Mayonnaise 100 g
  • Pesto 100 g


  1. Grill with the addition of butter sweet pepper, sliced ​​zucchini (thickness – about one and a half centimeters) and sweet potatoes (cut it into slices with a thickness of a centimeter) – from two sides until cooked. Then cut everything into large strips.
  2. Cucumbers and tomatoes cut into medium cubes, onions – finely.
  3. Heat the tortillas in a griddle to make them elastic. Spread them pesto. Put a portion of lettuce leaves (Lolo-Rosso, lettuce, corn, arugula, chard), tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, fried vegetables. Add mayonnaise (best homemade) and alfalfa sprouts (or any other to taste).
  4. Bend the edges of the cakes, then twist them into a burrito. Fry on both sides of the grill pan.
  5. Serve with lettuce leaves, sprinkle with sesame and add a couple of drops of extra virgin olive oil.

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